Our Top Picks for Work From Home

Here is the list of few work from homes which we consider are worth trying in your free time.

1. Create your own Web Site: 

 You are an expert on any topic , you like traveling, you like cooking, you like painting or any thing about which you are passionate and you like to work on that. Creating a web site on your hobby and sharing your thoughts with world will give you a lot of enjoyment and if you are able to attract a lot of audience towards your website, you can monetize it and earn money as well. Website can also be your online market place. Please visit our Create website link to get more details about same

2. UC We-Media Compensation Plan

 UC Media is currently running a program in which they can pay up to 50,000 INR for qualified bloggers. They are also running a scheme to pay 300 INR  for the bloggers who can manage 1000 views for their post. 

Here is an example of my post , I wrote on UC We Media.

It is very useful for Indian origin population. Please use code 8f42e6 to sign up.You can register here for the UC Media

3. Swag Bucks:

Swag Bucks gives you an option to earn Swag Bucks point. 100 Points = 1$. You earn points by watching videos, taking surveys, performing simple tasks. For more Details please click here 

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