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Here is the list of Freelancer websites where you can work as Freelancer. You can sign up and work from home as freelancer. We are putting in the order in which we liked it. Read below for details:

 1.      UPWORK: Earlier known as oDesk is one of the best freelancer job providing website. You create a profile and search for the job you are interested in. You bid you proposal for any task, once approved you submit the task and get paid.

 Pros: It is a very simple and user friendly web site. All the processes are very simple. Sign up , Proposal submission, Task completion and get paid.

 Cons: Too much competition for simple works.

 Tips: Try to give competitive proposal if you get a chance. Browse tasks for definite period only (Say 30 min daily) but do not waste whole lot of time.

 Website to register:

2.      TOPTAL: It is one of the best professional freelancer web site in our opinion. You must create a professional profile to start working on this web site.  You must post a resume, go through a screening and then your application get approved. Once approved you can work on the task posted on website.

Pros: Very professional looking website.

Cons: Getting approval can be tough.

Website to register:

3.      FIVERR: It is more of a website where you must sell your skill. You create your skill profile called as gig and people select gig and pay them for performing related task.

Pros: Simple signup process. Nice user experience.

Cons: We find it little confusing with Gig and selling process.

Website to register:

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