Free online jobs - You lose nothing

On this page you will find all the free online jobs available. By free, we mean you will not be required to pay even a single penny. You will register yourself, the job provider will explain you everything about the task. Job provider will explain you about the payment methods. You will perform his task and get paid.

In such type of job, you will not be asked to submit your credit card information, bank account information or any other details which may cause any kind of fraud. These jobs are more secure as they don’t ask for any money. On the other hand, such jobs might be less rewarding. You might have to work and try a lot and earn a little.

These are real free jobs which will help you to make a start on online job. You will find these jobs accurate enough and show quick results as well.

You need not worry a lot about anything. As mentioned earlier, all the jobs posted here will have all the detailed information. They will also provide information about how much you can expect to earn by working -1hour.

These free online jobs are best ones for those, who are just starting. It has got nothing to lose and once you start earning from these jobs you can decide to invest on the paid jobs and even earn more.

A small advice for those who work online to earn some extra money ,“If you are earning extra and your aim is to earn extra always look to explore new opportunities and invest your extra money to earn even more.”

All those who need some money and earn everything for their living and not just for saving, the jobs in this section will surely help you earn little extra and you should save those money and try only these kinds of jobs.

1. Name: Amazon Mechanical Turk


Location: USA

Estimated Income: $5/hour

Fee: No Fee

Description: It is a virtual workers site by Amazon and most convincing free online jobs. Here requester submits a request for a work to be done which goes into a hit pool. A worker takes a hit from the pool, work on it and submits the hit. Once requester Approves the hit, the worker get paid. Workers come to know about compensation of completing the task in advance. It is always advisable to read all instruction for completing the task so that you don’t get rejected because of an ignorance of instruction on your part. If you work 1 hour daily, you will get $100 - $150 extra a month surely without any risk.

*Beware of few tasks. Few tasks paying more might require your personal information. Choose those tasks at your own risk.

2. Name: Global Test Market


Location: US

Estimated Income: $200 - $500 Per Month

Fee: No Fee

Description: You can sign up free on this site. You will receive surveys and earn points on completing the surveys successfully. The surveys are mostly product based. So if you are good in analyzing product, movies you have good chances here. They also give sweepstakes which can earn you even more. They pay $50 once you accumulate 1000 points. It can generally be achieved in 7-8 days working 1 hour a day. Surely, It depends on how much success you get in completing the survey and how much point you are earning for the survey. Points generally vary from 35 – 100 for each survey.

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