Some tips before doing online Jobs

Some tips and tricks for Signing up trials :

1. Please create one email address for all the survey , PTC and all other signups which you do to earn a little money.

2. Never keep the same password for signing into these websites as your important passwords like Facebook, twitter, bank, Paypal etc.

3. While doing any task, survey, offer always keep in mind , not to give any information which can lead to your privacy disclosure. Keep in mind about Fishing on Internet.

4. For PTCs , please create different tabs in an xls for all PTC sites you have registered to and try to look at the xls and visit sites at least once in 24 hrs so that you can click on the ads.

5. Try to get referrals. Send us your link and some text you want to be listed on our website. We will give you a page and the corresponding link so that you can tell your referrals.

6. We will also post your link on our Facebook page so that you can share it with your friends.

7. Keep visiting this page as we will keep on updating it whenever we will get new updates.

Please sign up to our website, we never send any junk email , we always send any new information we come across , which can give you an opportunity to make some money.

Have any question or need any help, Please contact us , we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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