I Invest in Stocks to Work from Home

Investment in Stock can be a good way to make money.  With little diligence and thorough research, you can achieve great success in long term with patience and some spare money in hand.To begin with, we suggest

investing in acquiring knowledge. Knowledge will give you best return possible. It will also give you one more characteristic to be successful with investing in stock i.e. To be patient.

To acquire knowledge visit websites like http://www.investopedia.com ; www.stocktwits.com

Follow some great investors on twitter, like Jim Cramer, Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn etc. 

Follow the NEWS and its reaction on Market. Do your research for 2 to 3 months, Play the market with virtual money, make an xls and see how your prediction about a ticker is going. We also suggest, try to create a portfolio with which you are comfortable with, initially try to go with low risk portfolio and once you are confident, diverge your portfolio. 

Another important thing is, never chase the market. You want to buy 100 Shares of TSLA @$290/Share, stick to it, if you can get it well and good else look for other company’s shares. 

We will be sharing more articles on Option trading, Stocks investment in our next few articles.

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