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To Monetize your site there are many sources available online, which help you earn more by advertising their products.Once you have created your website, it is time to earn. This is done by properly Monetizing your website. It works in many ways. Here is some famous one to list:

1. Google AdSense: The most used advertising feature and best tool to monetize your site. You need a Google login. You will be given a publisher id. You have to use that publisher id on your website and Google will automatically post Ads related to content of your site on your webpages. You will get paid, once any one clicks on Google ads posted on your page. Beware never click on your own Ads, Google will catch it and outcome will not be appreciated under any condition.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Many sites or product companies offer affiliate program. Say your site is on kids, you may become an affiliate to Babies shop. You will be required to promote the shop on your site. Once any one purchases anything by going through your site page, you get paid commission.

3. Amazon Store: Create an amazon store or a-Store as properly known on your website. Create a-store related to the products which resemble to your site content. Any sell made through your site will earn you good commission.

4. Infolinks Marketing: You can register yourself and your site to infolinks. You will get a code to paste on your web page. Once you have pasted them, they will provide ‘content links’ on your web pages. Once any one click on these links you will get paid for each click.

5. CPA Marketing: There are various sources in market which provide Click per Action program. Here you earn good decent money, if any user perform any action like email submission, form registration on any CPA link advertised on your site.

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