Online Scams - Places better to avoid and stay away

This is the rescue place. We are not going to claim or notify any work from home scam or online scams here. We will just notify our view and provide as detailed information as possible which we feel might save someone’s time and money. There are many places online, which really don’t belong to many people; we will just describe, what happens on any particular site listed here.

Please remember everything posted on this page is an individual’s view and description of any particular situation. We will try our best to not posting any decisive comment about any other site or organization. We strongly believe, scams, success and legitimate works are more often relative things. We are not the decision maker but will surely provide enough descriptions to our visitors to facilitate and help in their decision making.

We also request visitors to provide their comment in such way that it suggests what went wrong with them so that others can analyze and make their own decisions.

Here are some tips which our honorable visitors can follow to avoid any kind of online scams trapping:

1. There is nothing which satisfy both:’ Legal’ and ‘Get rich quick’. You have to work and more you work or more smartly you work more you earn.

2. Earning money through Pyramid work is the worst place to invest your single penny. Never invest your money at a place where you will make money if you can bring more people to the group. Famously known as Chain marketing.

3. If someone is asking money for any job, make sure why he is charging that fee. Is he providing and service in return.

4. It is always good idea to check the age of site and number of users already registered. Check if they have any social page like Facebook page, if so visit their page and see what the members saying.

5. It is never ethical to involve in a job which may require you to spread or advertise something which you personally don’t like. Avoid such opportunities (A prime example of a scam for one, which might not be for other).

6. It is always a good idea to see Better Business Bureau for any complains posted against any company you are trying to do business with.

7. Try to search for any review on Youtube. Those reviews can be highly effective whoch shows a descriptive process about the site. Like , how they work and how they pay.8. You can also analyze the company site on FTC Governement Site .

9. Normally those sites are legal to whom you can cpontact personally. Like if you need their contact number or customer care number you can get it easily.

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