Online work from home jobs provided by Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon mechanical turk is the best platform to start your online work from home jobs. The registration is free, tasks are simple, complex and are of all kinds. They have a lot numbers of requester (the people who give task) as well as big number of workers. Tasks are called as hits.

Amazon mechanical turk gives a nice GUI to see your completed tasks, approved tasks, the tasks assigned to you, The tasks which you can do. All these things make your life easy and we all prefer online work from home jobs just to make our life easy. Here are few points which you should take care to get most benefits from Amazon mechanical turk:

1. Keep high Approval rate: If you maintain a high approval rate 95% and above, more and more options will be available for you. Never let your approval rate go below 95% ideally.

2. To maintain 1, it is very necessary you chose your task carefully. You have many sort option for available task. I recommend go with High rewards available to you first. Scan through the list and see if you can do any of those tasks and within minimum time. I always suggest ignoring the task where your phone number or any personal information is needed. The final decision is always yours. Some times few tasks are very simple and they reward you more, so it is always a good idea to have quick look at the list with high rewards first.

Next, sort the list with least time allotted. In this list you will find small tasks with small payments. Here the approval rate is good. The risk of giving your personal data is less. You can perform these tasks and get your approval count and approval rate increase.

3. It is also a good idea to type “Bonus” in search box, select the “hits available to you” checkbox and click on Go button. This will list the hits/tasks available to you where you have chance to earn bonus. They are really fun related tasks and reward you good.

If you remember all the points and do 2 hrs of work daily, I guess $80-$100 is surely you are going to make and that is minimum. You can even make $100-$500. I will explain how in my next few topics related to online work from home.

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