Paid to Click - By Utpala Mukherji

Work from home is ideal for homemakers to earn a decent living. The various segments that it usually comprises would be the data entry, Paid-to-click, Paid-to-read emails, Online surveys, etc. Among them I would prefer Paid-to-click and Paid- to-read emails. As it requires no additional efforts or intellect. Just a click and you start to earn, Similar with the paid-to-read emails.

It is true that most often, some sites, which provide you with this option, is fraudulent and do not pay your dues. My earnings initiated with a site, which have a least amount as payout. Register with several Paid-to-click sites, which have least amount as payout and start your earnings. Just as per the saying, drops of water fill a river. Similarly, registering with several sites with minimum payout would generate a decent earning. Initially, the earnings might look meager Gradually it increases with time. The more time dedicated the greater the income. My motivation is the small but regular income thus earned every month. I could have earned better had I spent more time on the same.

I would request one and all to initiate a beginning. Not to be rich, but to earn a living.

It would not only provide us satisfaction, but also make us determine that we are capable of earning a decent amount at the end of the month with no supervisor or boss to rule . Remain strong and determined that you are earning and that would gradually increase.

However please do not access those sites which request for a deposit(even a meager amount)while registration. Look for sites, which provide free registration and also give a minimum payout. The site might also provide you with payment of proof that has been paid earlier. Do not get carried away by those figures, It may not be factual.

Few of the legitimate sites for providing cash for clicking ads are Cash Camel and Clixsense .

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