Robinhood - Best 0 Commission App

Robinhood provides mobile app where users can buy and sell stocks and options with 0 fee. Click here to open an account with Robinhood. Here are some pros and cons of this app.


  1. Robinhood charges 0 fees as of 02/23/2020 for buying or selling stocks / options.
  2. User interface is really very simple.
  3. It also pays you interest (1.8% as of 02/23/2020) on your un invested money, if you have applied for their cash management tool.
  4. Robinhood also supports some Crypto Currencies trading.


  1. Robinhood does not give option to trade option on last day of trade.
  2. It closes the pending options before 1 hr of actual market close.
  3. The most important one is , there is no customer service phone number.

Overall it is an awesome app. You can use the app from here.

Get the Robinhood app.

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