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Online survey job is a vast market in online job. If you have used most of your product carefully, you are good in sharing your opinion, you like to share your views about the products you use, you have good idea about politics, and you feel you have good views about emotions and many more possible attributes where you can make your opinion count, you have very good chances to earn decent by performing these survey jobs.

If you ever wonder what these surveys are mostly about, here are few points to help you:

• Surveys are about your food habit. Like your experience about a recent visit to a Pizza restaurant. They will ask you a lot of question about this.

• Surveys about an electronic device you use. Like iPhone.

• Survey about your special degree/Education background.

• Survey about your political opinion.

• Survey about foreign policies.

• Survey about a particular disease. And many more …

With so many kinds of surveys available, it is most likely you will always get surveys for you. You can complete the surveys where you best fit and get paid for same.

Do remember, if you are not sure about any particular survey and you get demoralized if you get disqualify for any survey, it is always a good idea to skip the surveys where you are not a best fit. Believe me you will earn a lot in long run by taking this advice.

Here are a few sources which provide online survey jobs:

Make money taking GlobalTestMarket online surveys

1. Name: Global Test Market


Location: US

Estimated Income: $200 - $500 Per Month

Fee: No Fee

Description: You can sign up free on this site. You will receive surveys and earn points on completing the surveys successfully. The surveys are mostly product based. So if you are good in analyzing product, movies you have good chances here. They also give sweepstakes which can earn you even more. They pay $50 once you accumulate 1000 points. It can generally be achieved in 7-8 days working 1 hour a day. Surely, It depends on how much success you get in completing the survey and how much point you are earning for the survey. Points generally vary from 35 – 100 for each survey.

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