Working in the

by tomazi

Many people search for the ability to work, get paid and still be at home at the same time. This, as we know it, is called work from home jobs. The deal is totally natural and really simple.

Everybody’s searching for this opportunity. But not everybody knows about today’s new big and popular trends of working at home. If you have an internet connection, then you’re the lucky one who can get into this kind of business even today. So how does this magic happen? Listen closely to me and what I have to say.

Crowdsourcing - the next big thing on earth will help you. If you still haven’t heard of it–it’s not a big deal. That’s why this article is for. Crowdsourcing in general is the ability to hire many different people from all over the world to work for you and do your boring daily life work for you – just name your price. If you like, you can be a worker too and earn money just for doing simple things like searching for some information on the web, writing some articles (like this) or doing other easy stuff. You only need to find a crowdsourcing site and start earning money.

The best known site for this kind of earning is Amazon Mechanical Turk( Once you register you can take the role of a worker or a requester. The available jobs are named as HITs or human intelligence tasks. You can search for the best paid, least time or easiest and other available jobs. Once you find the match and accept the HIT, you just need to read the instructions and do what the requester wanted. After submitting the hit, the requester approves/rejects your work based on its quality and you get/do not get your money. Simple isn’t it? Well if do many requests then you will make some real cash. This cash then can be spent in the Amazon shop for some goodies. The other way around is also easy – as a requester you just submit tasks and give a cash reward for every task that has been finished. This way your work can be finished much quicker.

Crowdsourcing is the new trend – so don’t be afraid of it, try it today and maybe you will like it.

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How Would YOU Like To Have YOUR Own Work From Home Based Business

by Steven

"I met Steven on the Internet in 2002 when my online pond supply store was in dire straights. I did a search for 'Web design service' in Google and his name popped up on the first page. I needed help badly, my domain was blacklisted from Google, AOL and Yahoo. My business went from pretty good, to very poor. .and so did I! Steven to the rescue! He restored my domains good name and standing with the search engines, how I don't really know, but he saved me thousands of dollars worth of time what ever he did; you could say that he saved my business as well. Since that time he has worked hard to optimize my site for Google and Yahoo for a first page position for all my chosen keywords and I don't spend a dime on PPC advertising any longer as a result. He gave my site a fresh new look, helped me put together newsletters and taught me about how to use the power of drip marketing via email marketing to drive traffic to my Web sites. Any time I needed a special feature, he added it and at reasonable rates. He also was very patient with me during the hard times and he 'taught me how to fish' for my self so for the most part, I am now self sufficient. Thank you Steven! Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information about Steven or his services."

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Work from home Online system - Not So Hard but Not So Easy As Well Working Online

by Dinesh Shetty
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

My idea of earning money is not just completing some task or share some links, post some articles on blogs/forums but to create a bulk amount on your one/few personal accounts by repeatedly doing or completing all above tasks combined together. There are numerous ways to earn money online.

You can earn enough money with sites like Freelancer where you can make money while doing tasks. Affiliate marketing sites like Commission Junction, Google Ad Sense are further options for people with some extra talent. But main thing is to satisfy the people's requirements whether it is a task or advertising.

Blogging: Blogging is a great way for generating huge money over the period of time. There are lot of affiliate programs which allows you to post their ads on your website or blogs. What you need is a creative blog which will fetch pool of interested people to come and see your site.
Lot of sites provides you free way for creating blogs. E.g. Blogspot, Wordpress etc.

Freelancing: This is part of Data Entry. This is a great way to kill your idle time at home. Sites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elancer provides thousands of tasks/assignments which can be done by any qualified person. Only requirement is ability to satisfy the task requirements. There are thousands of tasks suitable as per one’s skills.

Reading Emails: This is pay per email reading kind of thing. This does not generate fast money however continuous clicks over the period of long time may generate ample amount of money.,

Online surveys: Overseas companies from USA, Canada, UK provides excellent options for completing surveys. In India unfortunately there is less scope through online from your desk. Only some data entry sites provide surveys for all international people.

By utilizing all your online linking and networking skills like uploading videos on youtube, linking others videos on your blogs and sites is also a great way to increase your networking levels.

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Online Jobs To Work At Home

by Krishnanand S
(Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

I was introduced to by one of my friends before two months. I thought it would be a source of an income that could help me meet some of my expenses. Since then, I have been doing the HITS which are eligible to me. The reward for this job is very meager. There are hits which get us no money. HITS for an amount of $0.01 or $0.2 are available more in number than other hits which could reward us with more money.

I have also been trying to find job offers of the same type. There is the which offers online jobs. Its clients provide jobs. But the jobs are offered only to those workers who could quote their payment. The workers who are well experienced only could get such job offers. After posting our bid along with our profile, we should wait for the client to offer the job for us. This may benefit for those workers who are experienced, but not for the workers like me who are less experienced. is another website which offers online jobs. There are jobs offered by companies or individuals. We should post our detailed profile and post our willingness to accept the jobs. Here again the jobs are offered to those who have good experience and quoted less money for payment.

While searching these sites, we can also see ads of companies which offer online jobs. We have to go through a number of pages of content posted in the companies’ website. At the end of it, we are asked pay an amount to receive a CD from them. The CD, they say, contains details which would help us how to do the jobs or the CD will train us to do online jobs. Many of my friends say that choosing that kind of guidance is not useful.

If any workers like me know about ways that one could do jobs at home online, please share your experience with me.

Thank you.

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Work From Home view

by Eldhose B Abraham

I like working from home. It is very nice.It is also time pass and also gives us money. From the money we got from working from home can be used to help poor people if you want or you can spend it anyway. When a child receives some money by working from home he will be proud that he has own money by himself and he can spend it. When a child receives money from other persons they will not spend it much they think hat is bad to spend some others money so much. So in my opinion Working From Home is a nice job. There are mant advantages in this,we can chose the job we like, we dont want to do the they give us etc.I am concluding my words.


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Best stay at home jobs

by Bogdan Radu

Everyone is looking for a better job and for more money, but with the world economic crisis hitting almost all countries it is harder to find the perfect job.

Why not search the best job from the comfort of your home and do everything you like while doing your every day schedule. Sounds hard, but it's not impossible to best stay at home jobs and earn almost the same money but without any fixed schedule or boss to yell at you.

The kind of jobs you can find on the net varies from: PTC (Paid To Click), freelancer jobs or different sites that offer money just for your traffic add. To be honest you need a lot of patience to make good cash from PTC's or programmers like Adsense from Google.

The best option is to become a freelancer in the domain best known to you. If you are good at working with the computer, programming, Java Script or even article and word editing then you have a great opportunity to start a new career on the net.

These work from home jobs could bring you the needed financial and career comfort that you were seeking. As well as this you might not be able to integrate in this virtual world of making money online and go back to your desk job and your nasty boss.

Either way you have to give a shot and try working at home on the net as this could be the future for everyone. Why bother going to a office when you can do your job from the comfort of your favorite room sitting in your favorite chair and listening to your loved music.

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