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With a laptop/computer and internet connection you are ready to work from home online. There are many types of jobs available online like Submit articles on given topic, perform various tasks online for different people and get paid, upload your self-collections of photos/videos, Review movies, Review tracks and many more. All these jobs can be performed online and from your home, from your office cafeteria, from your car, all you need is an internet connection and a supportive device like laptop.
Most of the jobs require some specific criteria. Like:

• Few jobs are location specific.

• Few jobs require age constrain.

• Few jobs may need you to be specific about their requirement. Like they need the photos related to animals, so one cannot upload any photo.

• Few jobs have sexual constrain, specially the one which are related to a particular product.

We will try our best to include any constrain or specific criteria needed for any job being posted on our site.

Some of the other places where you can find such online jobs are:

1. Name: Amazon Mechanical Turk


Location: USA

Estimated Income: $5/hour

Fee: No Fee

Description: It is a virtual workers site by Amazon. Here requester submits a request for a work to be done which goes into a hit pool. A worker takes a hit from the pool, work on it and submits the hit. Once requester Approves the hit, the worker get paid. Workers come to know about compensation of completing the task in advance. It is always advisable to read all instruction for completing the task so that you don’t get rejected because of an ignorance of instruction on your part. If you work 1 hour daily, you will get $100 - $150 extra a month surely without any risk.

*Beware of few tasks. Few tasks paying more might require your personal information. Choose those tasks at your own risk.

2. Name: Global Test Market


Location: US

Estimated Income: $200 - $500 Per Month

Fee: No Fee

Description: You can sign up free on this site. You will receive surveys and earn points on completing the surveys successfully. The surveys are mostly product based. So if you are good in analyzing product, movies you have good chances here. They also give sweepstakes which can earn you even more. They pay $50 once you accumulate 1000 points. It can generally be achieved in 7-8 days working 1 hour a day. Surely, It depends on how much success you get in completing the survey and how much point you are earning for the survey. Points generally vary from 35 – 100 for each survey.

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